Give Wings to your Dreams - Shubhangi Nazareth

*Disclaimer - This is my vision for the year 2027, It is a part of my project Assignment*

Shubhangi Nazareth is your typical girl next door. She started her journey with a dream; A dream to make the world a better place; A dream that every woman deserves to be what she is meant to be without fear of judgment. Most of this comes from her own struggle of discovering her true self.

Born into a family of teachers, her parents always wanted her to have a high paying job. But Shubhangi wanted to be a journalist; She wanted to write. Shubhangi loved books, she would always be in the corner with a book in her hand. She also wrote poetry to express her innermost feelings. But she was always told "Journalism is highly competitive, it’s very hectic." So she left her dream of being a journalist. She chose to graduate in commerce instead. After her graduation she joined a call Centre. But deep down she knew, she walked away from who she was. She couldn’t stick to any job for more than a year. This lead to her feeling broken and worthless. She questioned her abilities. She wanted to do something in life.
It was by chance that she came across something that would change her life forever. Something that would give purpose to her otherwise meaningless life. She came across a podcast titled "Taking back your power." It was then that she realised that she had willingly given away her power. She had let society decide who she would be. At that moment she decided that she would take control of her life. She would not let anyone else decide who she should be.

That was the day a new Shubhangi was born. She had a sense of purpose. She realised there were millions of women like her who let society decide things for them. She decided to help them. With her passion for writing she created a blog called "Give wings to your dreams." The rest is history. From being the most successful blogger on women empowerment to writing a book. Shubhangi realised her dream of writing. In her blog Shubhangi teaches women to stand up for themselves and love themselves for who they are. She has built a strong community of women who support each other rather than tearing each other apart. The central theme of her blog is" If a woman holds the power to create life. She also holds the power to create the life she wants "

I'm just a girl, Trying to find a place in this world.